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Diana Messinger
Psychotherapy & Counselling Services

Dive into a world where creativity meets therapy, and discover the transformative power of your own story. 

Diana Messinger: Creative Gestalt & CBT Therapist

Welcome to a space where creativity and psychotherapy converge, offering a transformative journey through the power of your story. I am Diana Messinger, a creative and qualified therapist specialising in Gestalt and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). With a foundation in the present-focused philosophy of Gestalt therapy and a passion for creative exploration, I offer a unique counselling experience. My approach considers every thought, emotion, and experience as part of a canvas for healing and self-discovery.


Psychotherapy & Counselling Services

Domestic & Sexual Abuse

Trauma & PTSD

Offering a safe and supportive space, I work with survivors of domestic and sexual abuse to heal from their trauma, reclaim their sense of self, and build a path forward. Understanding the profound impact of such experiences, my approach is gentle, respectful, and empowering.

Trauma can manifest in various ways, affecting one's life profoundly. My tailored therapy for individuals dealing with the aftermath of traumatic events, utilising evidence-based practices to address PTSD symptoms and helping clients process their experiences and move towards recovery.

Anxiety & Depression

Self Harm & Suicidal Ideation

Whether you're battling anxiety, depression, or both, my approach is to understand the underlying causes of your distress, offering strategies to manage symptoms, improve mood, and enhance overall well-being. Together, we'll explore paths to a more balanced and fulfilling life.

For those struggling with self-harm or suicidal thoughts, I offer a non-judgmental, supportive environment to explore these feelings, understand their origins, and develop healthier coping mechanisms. Your safety and mental health are my top priorities.

Identity, Gender & LGBTQ+

Work-related Issues

I provide affirmative counselling for individuals exploring issues related to identity, gender, and sexual orientation. In a society that often imposes rigid norms, my practice is where you can freely express and explore your true self in all its diversity.

Workplace stress can significantly impact one's mental health and quality of life. I offer strategies for dealing with work-related stress, conflict, burnout, and navigating career transitions, aiming to restore balance and satisfaction in your professional life.

Counselling for Young People (4+)

Other Topics

Adolescence is a critical time of growth and change. I provide counselling tailored to young people aged 12 and above, addressing issues such as self-esteem, bullying, academic stress, and family dynamics in a relatable and supportive way.

Other areas I can help you with include anger, bullying, OCD, self-esteem, panic attacks, and dreams.

About Me

With a foundation deeply rooted in Gestalt therapy's here-and-now philosophy and a passion for creative expression, I provide a dynamic and empathetic space for you to engage fully with your present experiences. This approach respects your individuality and harnesses the power of creativity to navigate life's challenges. 

Our sessions are tailored to empower you to connect with your authentic self and the environment around you. Here, every moment is an opportunity for growth, every emotion a step towards understanding, and every creative expression a leap towards healing.

As a trained Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) practitioner, I integrate this evidence-based approach into my counselling services to offer a structured, hands-on, and practical strategy for managing psychological stress and disorders.

CBT is founded on the principle that our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours are interconnected and that changing negative thought patterns and behaviours can significantly improve well-being.

In practice, as a therapist trained in both CBT and Gestalt therapy, I can fluidly move between these approaches, providing a therapy experience that is both structured and exploratory, grounded in the present while cognisant of the past. This integrative approach can be efficient for clients who benefit from CBT's direct, problem-solving focus and the experiential, holistic focus of Gestalt therapy, offering a path to comprehensive healing and self-discovery.

Join me, and let me transform your challenges into stepping stones towards a more vibrant, fulfilling life.

My Experience 

Multifaceted Therapy Experience

I have had the privilege of working within specialised units dedicated to supporting survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault, as well as engaging with teenagers facing their unique challenges. Each setting has deepened my understanding of the human spirit's resilience and honed my skills in providing tailored, compassionate care.

Domestic Abuse & Sexual Assault Unit

In my tenure with a unit focused on domestic abuse and sexual assault, I was immersed in the complexities of trauma and its far-reaching impacts. Working closely with survivors, I learned the importance of creating a therapeutic space prioritising safety, trust, and empowerment. Through individual therapy, I navigated the painful process of healing, employing a range of therapeutic approaches, including trauma-focused cognitive behavioural therapy, Somatic therapy, and mindfulness practices.

Working with Teenagers

My work with teenagers has been equally enriching, offering a window into the dynamic world of adolescent development and the myriad challenges it presents. From navigating identity issues and peer pressure to addressing mental health struggles such as anxiety and depression, my approach has always been to meet these young individuals where they are, providing a supportive environment that encourages openness and self-exploration.

Ministry of Justice

Collaborating with the Ministry of Justice on a project to integrate therapeutic services within the juvenile justice system offered another layer of insight into the intersection of mental health and societal structures. This initiative aimed to address the root causes of offending behaviours, many of which stemmed from unaddressed trauma and lack of support. By providing therapy and counselling within this context, we could offer a pathway towards healing and rehabilitation, emphasizing restorative justice over punitive measures.

Walk and Talk Therapy on the Isle of Wight

At Walk and Talk Therapy on the Isle of Wight, I blend traditional counselling with the invigorating activity of walking along our picturesque beaches. This innovative approach moves us out of the typical therapy setting and into the soothing surroundings of the seaside. As we walk together, the gentle rhythm of the waves and the expansive views foster a sense of openness and calm. This setting not only promotes mental relaxation but also enhances physical health.

Isle of White Coast Line

Join me for a therapy session where every step on the sandy shore helps us navigate towards greater emotional clarity and wellbeing. 

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Embark on a path of self-discovery and growth with me, where every moment is an opportunity for healing and transformation.

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